Fruit Trees

 Copyright: Heidi I. Koehler

The apple tree was the first to flower as usual. I am still suspicious of this tree's potential to survive as the previous owners of the property were not particularly careful in how they planted trees and plants. There was actually plastic and possibly burlap around some of the plants we dug up...none of which had thrived up until the point of removal and of course the reason was that they couldn't establish their roots.
But regardless of how it rests in the ground the apple produces fruit.

 We purchased a peach tree last year with the optimism that comes from understanding that climate change or global warming isn't likely to abate for the foreseeable futures. The blossoms have thus survived the cold and even if we don't get any fruit this year we will have some shade from the tree!


The gooseberry was supposed to be transplanted this spring but we didn't get around to it and now it's too late- it's flowering nicely.


And then there are the raspberries. Many people have told me that their raspberries do poorly here but that has not been the case for me. What started out as two or three plants now strains out of the bed...I will transplant all of them to the border this spring. It will become a raspberry hedge! Raspberries seem to be native plants- I have seen them in several locations around here like Helmer Lake.

Plums do very well here. The 'sucker' I planted last year had plenty of root attached to it and has put out leaves. It's still small but holds charming promise.

Now the debate is how we will have to handle the various insects and infestations that come to plague fruit trees...stay tuned!

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