Riddling Rack

 I think I mentioned elsewhere that in making my own wine and mead I also used recycled wine bottles. I noticed at the glass recycler there are always a lot of good quality jam and canning jars as well.

But the latest freebee happened to be on my own property: all the old planks from the fence we replaced. I was looking for ideas on a building a simple wine rack last night and came across the  ``Riddling Rack `` concept. (You can Google the term for yourselves!)
Guess what I built today instead of doing chores!
Actually my husband helped me with some of the hole drilling but basically I did this because it would have been crazy not too at this point in time. The wood is `distressed` looking enough to suit an interior decorator! I helped it along by not being to careful with the file and rotary tool for sanding the holes.


Most of the designs you see online features a hinged signboard style but I didn`t need that kind  of space hogging in my basement and am quite content with having it lean on the wall rather than being mounted. The bottles rest there on their own weight aided by the slant of the rack.

I suppose the most important consideration to make with making something like this is making sure you drill your holes as perfectly along the same line as possible so the bracing piece matches on either end. Also make sure the holes are large enough to start with...I believe mine are an inch and a half or possibly 1.75 inches.
Also, don`t use wooden planks with cracks- I am taking a bit of a chance with one board having a deformity from the branch (it had a lot of pitch and was a real pain for the tools). But considering all the bracing I`m pretty confident. Oh yes: with bracing I would recommend new wood, not scavenged. I actually did use wood from one of the mills scrap bins for the braces.

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