Home Brewing Results

 This is where it all began at the end of last year. A lot of wild fruits that grow in and around Merritt, B.C. were used to make the wines with the odd ingredient from elsewhere. (Orange in the mead, banana in one of the wines.) Every wine and mead was fermented in plastic water bottles although I eventually replaced all the balloons with proper fermentation locks. I had a lot of help from the Got Mead forums and found a lot of info on wild fruit wines at The Winemaking Home Page.

In the end I wound up with close to 40 bottles- the last few were combos of wine or mead that would not fit in any of the bottles I had. Still have to calculate the potential alcohol contents from my notes (those tags hanging off the bottles). All but the grape wine taste wonderful- particularly the Ancient Orange mead. The grape wine is not the worst- just extremely coarse. It may yet mellow out.

I took them outside to photograph because they look really good. I went out to look for a bottle corker but in the end figured out that tapering the ends of the new corks and using a hammer worked just fine. :)

And here are the labels:

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