Test Post

I've been debating starting a gardening blog for some time now...the time has come this evening. I started gardening in earnest in 2009- a year after moving to Merritt, B.C.- and by earnest I mean growing vegetables as well as flowers. Prior to that I used to simply grow flowers I liked from seed that I had either purchased or planted from previous years collecting.

Of course I learned things along the way about other plants I don't normally grow and am expanding on my knowledge of wild herbs and edibles. I have my mother to thank for instilling this interest within me...I wish I had her green thumb but whose to say? Perhaps she started as I did- making lots of mistakes and learning along the way to get to the point where she could practically rip a plant out of the ground and transplant it with just a few steps in her rubber boots to firm it into it's new location...and it would thrive!

But this first post is to test the new Blogger...check out the templates and layouts etc.

This is an old id from DA that I made in 2005...a glammed up version of me. I think the best way to post images is to put a double break above the image link...I would like the text to simply wrap around each image as I post a lot of photos with commentary.

Of course I would have to check it all out on another computer but it's time to got to bed now.

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