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I got involved with an online seed-swap via Facebook. Kelli J and myself sent each other some seeds from our gardens. I mailed her a large collection of mixed easy-grow annuals that are fool-proof in-you-face colour bombs for sure and she sent me an assortment of mostly perennials and a little Valerian plant. I'm sure the seeds will keep till spring but I'm not sure about the Valerian. Indoor plants and I don't stay friends for long.
Thanks Kelli!

Another project I did started earlier in the year- wall to wall bookshelves- which I expanded on because my photo albums really needed a sturdy rest. Since our basement is only 1/4 finished (a few walls and half rooms, I wasn't concerned about the look of my shelves- only that they could carry weight.
It's funny that it took me so many years to realize I should just build shelves- and for that matter- built them customized to the height of my larges books and sketch pads. This worked out very well on the first shelves and last week I finished the 'photography' shelf. It's essentially a storage for albums, shoe boxes and a particular set of plastic drawers that I've had for half my life. In other words, I'm pretty organized now. Today I was also inspired to make a shelf for my printer and scanner which I always struggled to find space for- my office is narrow. The result isn't 'pretty' but it's functional and will do just fine until we get serious about finishing the downstairs.
Basic Bookshelf :)

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